Our Bayside Facility

Internal Medicine

Routine check-ups and preventive care

For overall health

Acute & Chronic Illness Management

Diagnosis & Treatment of both short-term & long-term Illness

Male & Female Health

Evaluation & Screening based on your birth gender

Cardiology Services


By appointment only

Management of heart conditions

Diagnosis, treatment, and long-term management of various heart conditions

Cardiac Clearance

Pre-op, Chemotherapy, etc

Diagnostic Testing


Cardiology tests are essential for accurate diagnosis, early detection, and precise monitoring of heart conditions, enabling timely intervention and effective management to improve patient outcomes and prevent potential complications.


Pulmonary tests are crucial in assessing lung function, diagnosing respiratory conditions, and guiding treatment decisions, ultimately enhancing respiratory health and optimizing patient care.


Blood tests play a vital role in evaluating overall health, detecting diseases, monitoring treatment effectiveness, and providing valuable insights into the body’s functioning, aiding in timely medical interventions and optimizing patient care.

We accept most major commercial insurances and payers. If you are Self-pay or want additional details regarding your insurance please Contact us!